Singapore is the trading hub of Southeast Asia. Home of the busiest port in the world, Singapore is a developed country in one of the fastest growing regional economies. It has enormous potential for startups and internet entrepreneurs from all over the world. The country fosters entrepreneurship, and the government supports the free market. One of the most advantageous parts of doing business and set up a company in Singapore is the clear and transparent tax scheme and the availability of several tax breaks and incentives for startups and technological innovation.



A business-friendly country with simplified administrative procedures and a reduced number of licenses and permissions. In addition, Georgia is considered by the World Economic Forum as the ninth economy with the lowest taxes, with only 6 low rates tax figures, where corporate profits are only taxed when distributed and foreign-source personal income is usually exempt from taxation. It also has free trade agreements with the EU and the EFTA countries, Russia, and other countries of Eastern and Central Europe. Providing access to a market of 900 million people without any duty tariff restriction, and a system of generalized preference with US, Canada, Japan, Norway, and Switzerland.


United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is one of the world’s most developed countries. It is the fifth largest economy and the second largest in Europe after Germany, and ahead of France. The UK Private limited company is a well-recognized and reputable business structure incorporated in one of the major international financial and trade centers worldwide with a long proven track record of fiscal and legislative stability. UK Limited companies also benefit from an ideal environment and a mature finance market for entrepreneurs and startups to seek funding, attract investors, gain access to high-skilled employees and high-quality business services.



Estonia has become a technology hub during the last decade where dozens of successful startups have taken off. Tech entrepreneurs are usually attracted by its simple and relatively reasonable tax environment – no tax on retained profits and a 20% tax on distributed profits. Also, its ease of corporate compliance as all mandatory filings can be done electronically via its e-Residency card. This card is a transnational digital identity card for non-Estonian citizens issued and backed by the Estonian Government.

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